From an early age I've always loved the age of 18 years, still besotted by all creatures great and small I enrolled on a BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing course at Myerscough College and 3 years later I graduated with a 1st in a subject I absolutely loved and a passion to care for animals.

I met my husband in 2006 & together we've built a home based on the love we share for each other, our 2 cats Bodie & Wilbur and a community we feel honoured to be part of.

It was from this love that 'The Kat's Whiskers Cattery' was born...a love of cats and a passion to care for other people's cats...a pleasure in life we all take very seriously.

When I designed the cattery building, I knew it had to be special, I didn't just want to 'meet' the standard required, I wanted to 'exceed' them...And I'm confident we've done just that....

With a capacity for 35 cats, divided into 9 Suites measuring 42 sqft and 2 extra large Suites measuring 63 sqft....The Kat's Whiskers Cattery has aerial walkways and heating within their cosy sleeping quarters.

For those of you that really want to spoil your feline friends, we also have our very own 'kitty cinema' in the form of a 3ft fish tank which is available in our 2 extra large Suites 'The Dorchespurr' or 'The Paw Seasons'. But it doesn't end there... 4 of our suites also have their very own webcams so you can have your very own 'kitty cinema' to see how much fun they're having whilst you're away! All you need is 3G, 4G or access to Wifi and you can move the webcams to follow your furbabies and even talk to them and listen! Cool huh!?

Lastly, the fun doesn't end there...cue night time...cue the disco ball...cue 'Disco time'...laser lights emitted throughout the cattery for playtime!!

We believe in creating the best, so we will do just that, for our cats and for yours, after all this is no ordinary cattery, this is 'The Kat's Whiskers'.