I just couldn't resist the temptation...I've booked my kitties in...what should I bring with me to optimise their stay?

Firstly human, well done, you've definitely made the right decision......Secondly, there are several bits & bats we'd love to see you bring with you!

1. We need to display a copy of your fur-babies Vaccination Cards...All of our guests must be vaccinated against FPV (Feline Panleukopenia Virus), FHV (Feline Herpes Virus) & FCV (Feline Calicivirus)...Vaccinations must be done more than 7 days in advance to ensure your kitties immune system is back to it's fighting self and able to protect against any infections. If vaccinations are not up to date, unfortunately, we cannot honour your reservation.

2.Familiar Bedding, Toys & Scratching Post...All that rubbing, bunting, kneading and scratching is for a reason you know humans! Each time our cats rub up against us and our furniture  he/she is simply saying "This is mine. This belongs here. I belong with these things"...Scratching also leaves territorial scent markings, which remind our kitties that they're at home.

Reading this you've had a Eureka moment! So get that chauffeur cap on, pack your cat's suitcase and load up the 'CatMobile' with everything but the kitchen sink! We won't judge, we'll always make room, we just want your cats to feel right at home.

3. Favourite Foods...Why not pack a treat or two? Our boys have 'Crab Meat Sunday'...We can always sense Bodie checking out his imaginary wrist watch and Wilbur eyeing up the tin opener, just trying to remind us both that they know perfectly well what's coming and we best deliver....sharpish!

4. Anything else you think will help 'The Kat's Whiskers' make your kitties stay purrfect (sorry, we couldn't resist that one), you Purrarents know best!